The Grind Cafe

783 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117‎


Seating 32 Hard Seats, 6 Cushy Seats Wifi Free Areas 1 Indoor, 1 Outdoor Outlet Coverage Half the Seats Smoking No


The Grind is energetic.  During their rushes (especially on the weekends) the place gets pretty much full.  It’s a horrible place to do a phone call, but great for meetings and they’re very friendly to laptop perchers.  Even during the rushes you’ll see a bunch of macbooks scattered around.

The indoor area has some couch-like soft seats along the wall that are decently comfortable.  The seats in the middle don’t have ready access to power.  The outdoor area is a nice plus and gets sun during the right part of the day.

The food menu is very robust with everything from pancakes to steak.  The staff is really friendly: they give you free refills on coffee and tea and don’t seem to mind when you hang out there for multi-hour stretches.


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