Oakside Cafe

1195 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA 94117


Seating 34 Hard Seats, 1 Couches Wifi Free Areas 2 Indoor Outlet Coverage Most of the Seats Smoking No


Oakside Cafe is adorable.  Working here is like stopping by the house of your eccentric Grandmother… tons of stuff on the walls and questionable decor, but everything feels so warm and inviting.  Just like Grandma, this place shuts down pretty early (they’re completely cleared out by 5 or so), so if you’re headed later in the afternoon, plan a backup spot.

The massive windows fill the entire place with tons of light and there’s a lot of seating on the ground floor, perfect for people-watching.  What really gives this place its charm though, is the upstairs area.  The low ceiling and decoration make the space feel very cozy.  It’s very quiet and great for reading or other focused activities.


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