Coffee to the People

1206 Masonic Ave, San Francisco, CA 94117


Open Hours Mon-Fri: 6 am - 8pm, Sat-Sun: 7 am - 9pm Seating 40 Hard Seats, 7 Couches Wifi Free Areas 2 Indoor Outlet Coverage Most of the Seats Smoking No


Coffee to the People is a trusty steed.  Can you use the word dive to describe a coffee shop?  If so that’s what this place is… a charming dive.  It’s not the most glamorous caffeine dispensary, but man is it dependable.  With tons of tables, ample outlet coverage, 7 whole couches, skylights in the back, a whole bookshelf full of games and reading materials and impressively late hours… C2tP has a lot to offer.

This place never gets super-packed, but it almost always has a vibrant, gritty energy about it.  Its sits perched near the corner of Haight & Masonic, a relatively bustling transit-hub.  That plus the psychedelic history of the surrounding neighborhood helps ensures that C2tP gets a steady stream of tourists and street kids moving through.  The combination of those folks with the standard coffee shop mix of college students and the flexibly employed helps lend this spot an open, friendly vibe.

The staff at Coffee to the People, while not the most socially-engaging, are about as friendly to laptop perchers as it’s possible to be.  The food here, while technically available, is mediocre at best–helping keep the feel of the place focused less on eating and more on working, talking and hanging out.

If you’re looking for a coffee shop in the Haight, this is a very safe bet.


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