Cafe Cole

609 Cole St, San Francisco, CA 94117


Wifi Free Areas 1 Indoor, 1 Outdoor Outlet Coverage A Few Seats Smoking Outside Only Website


Cafe Cole is a small, cozy coffee shop.  (Not to be confused with it’s near-by and similarly-named neighbor “Cole Valley Cafe“)

I’ve never actually worked from here.  It’s a bit too cramped to make for an effective work environment, in this werker’s opinion.

The inside area is small with only a couple of tables and some stools along the window facing out toward the street.  The outside area is actually fairly spacious and is a popular spot to kick it.  The sidewalk here is nice and wide and the close proximity to Haight street makes this a good spot to absorb the energy of the neighborhood.

They have strong coffee and excellent smoothies.

Notable Nearby: Cole Valley Cafe, Coffee to the People, Flywheel Coffee Roasters


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