The Werkable Vision

From parks and subway stations to bars and coffee shops, much of what gives a city its character is defined by its public spaces.  Public space is the canvas on which urban culture is painted.  There is a sub-class of public spaces that are “workable”: places where lingering is accepted, where laptops and studying students are commonplace.  Often wifi-connected and outlet-covered these workable spaces are, for certain types of urbanites, the defining stuff of a city.

Though the most readily identifiable work spots are “coffee shops”, there are many other classes of space which are more than suitable for work or study.  From libraries to restaurants to “privately-owned public open spaces” (PoPos), these places are common and plentiful but not always easy to find or even identify.

Werkable seeks to be a map of workable spots around the world.  We’re building this map one city at a time.  If you’d like to help, please look into becoming a contributor.  Also feel free to email us with any questions or comments.

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